Happy MLK DAY!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! It’s not just any Monday, it’s Martin Luther King, Jr Day! Hooray! Thank you for stopping by my blog on this wonderful day, come on in………..

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I do believe MLK is the only human in history to have a National holiday without being a President! Isn’t that amazing? The truly amazing thing is, it’s just for him and no one else. President’s Day is for all of them combined. He has is on day, just for him. He was just that special. He made that big of an impact on the world. I believe everyone knows who he is!

When I turned 34 years old I think, all I wanted was to go to Washington DC to see the MLK monument. Like literally that’s all I wanted. I was so happy they finally finished. Well, I got it! I was so happy and man do I love DC. I wasn’t happy with the pose they choose to use, lol! However, I was happy he has a monument. The only better one is Abraham Lincoln. I think that’s the best thing EVER!

Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! He had a dream, what’s yours? What are you doing to make them come true? Are you proud of the life you’ve made for yourself?

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