National Puppy Day

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Friday! It’s been quite the week but we made it. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come on in……

“National Puppy Day!”

I’m a few days late but Monday was national puppy day. Although Onyx isn’t a puppy anymore, I still see him as one. Probably because he’s so small.

My Onyx!

He’s such an amazing little guy. I never imagined a pup could bring me so much joy. We’re going through such a difficult time in the nation but he always brings me joy. We shouldn’t expect happiness from other people but I surely do get it from my Onyx.

Onyx and his cousin Isabell 😍

When I took that picture, I didn’t realize it was that freaking cute! I couldn’t help but put that caption, lol! I honestly don’t even know if he knew she was ever there. I think she was truly admiring him. Life is better with a pup or two.

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