That’s My Dog!!!

Life with Lane: That’s My Dog

The phrase, That’s my Dog, has been around for quite a while. I do believe the first time I heard it was when I watched the movie Friday like 25 years ago, lol! For people with dogs, we completely get the meaning.

What better friend to a human than our dog. Dog’s are mans best friend. 
They are loyal, kind, forgiving, selfless, your number one fan, protector, and our companion. All the things we want our family and friends to be. So, when you find that one true friend who does all of those things and comes through for you for everything, it’s only natural you would say, “That’s My Dog!” 

Dogs teach us how to be good. How to love and forgive. The meaning of true friendship. When they leave us, it leaves a hole that will never be filled. However, you still would have them all over again because they made you a better person. 

So, when someone says, “That’s My Dog” or calls you a bitch, it’s a compliment. Dogs are better than most people. All they want is love and they don’t require much else. They show who they are upfront, there are no mask!

We can learn a lot from dogs! Be someone that when people ask about you, their reply is, “That’s My Dog!” 

Life with Lane!

5 thoughts on “That’s My Dog!!!

  1. “I’m just going to tuck mine in.” ” That’s my bike punk! ” “How you got get fired on to day off. ” ” I know that’s my only problem. “


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