Turning Pages

Courtesy of Pinterest

It can take you anywhere you want to go

To the ends of the earth

In a cave with dragons and hobbits

Flying high with a unicorn

Trying to solve the impossible murder

Falling in love with the underdog

Hoping the girl will get the man of her dreams

Believing in things you never considered possible

It can make you feel several different emotions

In only a matter of moments

You can be crying your eyes out

Jumping for joy

Wanting to throw it in the fireplace

Staying up a few extra hours

Telling everyone you know all about it

Going online to order the next chapter

Yes, I’m talking about a great book

3 thoughts on “Turning Pages

  1. I’ll borrow this one, but you’ve read it already, I know it’s my favorite one, daring sword fights. Well we’ll Bell. I knew you were talking about a book.


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