When is it the man’s fault πŸ˜•?


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I don’t even know where to start, so I’ll start with Megan thee Stallion. Her trial has started and people are going in on her! Since she was “allegedly”, I have to use that word because the trial isn’t over; people have been giving her a hard time. Some people are even blaming her and saying she deserved it. I don’t understand the hate people have for this woman. Blaming her for what Tory Lanez did. Saying she shouldn’t be going out with some many different guys. She shouldn’t have put herself in the situation. Calling her a liar.

When Bill Cosby’s accusers came forward years later, people asked, why did they wait so long? Why did they take the pills? Why did they go to the hotel room? Why are they trying to tarnish America’s Dad?

When R. Kelly’s accusers came forward, they asked, why did they wait so long? Why did their Mother’s take them to his studio? They had to have known what he was doing to those girls!

When women are raped, they ask more than often, what was she wearing? Where was she coming from?

It’s always like it’s the woman’s fault. When are men going to be held accountable? When it is the man’s fault? Instead of saying why did she take the pills, why did she go to hotel? How about men stop sexually assaulting and abusing women! Stop placing all the blame on women.

We have to go out in groups, cover up our entire bodies, have friends watch our drinks because you guys can’t control yourself. Someone that’s our fault though. We need to start holding men accountable!

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One thought on “When is it the man’s fault πŸ˜•?

  1. No one ever deserves violence put upon them, period. It’s exacerbated when the man is wealthy, too (Harvey Weinstein), or having a female accomplice (Jeffrey Epstein/Ghislaine Maxwell). It also can’t be conditional based on politics. So, Tara Reade needs to be heard as well. Violence, in all forms needs to cease.

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