Rest in Peace Stephen “Twitch” Boss!

I had no idea I’d be writing a post dedicated to Stephen “Twitch” Boss but here it is. I remember years ago watching the entire season of So, you think you can dance, and he was on there! He was captivating. It was the only season that I watched the entire season. He was phenomenal 😍. His moves were so smooth. Although he didn’t win, he won the hearts of America!

He ended up on Ellen as her DJ and eventually her co-host. They had really good chemistry. He was a wonderful edition to her show. I actually think people watched for him, lol! He was always so upbeat and pleasant. ASo, it’s very sad to hear that he took his own life. You never know what someone is going through. Check on your family and friends, even the ones that seem perfectly fine!

Rest in Peace Stephen Boss! May your family find comfort and strength during this difficult time. May God bless them!

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