My Favorite Christmas Songs!


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Hi there friends, Christmas isn’t that far away, hooray! Are you guys as excited as I am? Have you gotten all your Christmas shopping done? I’m almost done I think, just some stocking stuffers left. I wanted to share my favorite Christmas songs with you guys since Christmas isn’t that far away. I honestly don’t think my songs ever change, lol!

We have artists and groups that make Christmas albums every year. However, they just sing the classics that we already know and try to make a new spin on them. The Backstreet Boys do have a new album and it’s pretty good. They did make 3 new Christmas songs. One is absolutely fantastic. I’ll share it with you guys on Christmas, lol! Let me know which one of favorite Christmas songs you like!

This is actually my favorite Christmas song! O Holy Night!

I actually love the entire Preacher’s Wife soundtrack. It’s probably the best soundtrack EVER! Not sure why I picked this particular song when they’re all amazing. Her voice is unmatched 😍

There’s plenty of versions of Mary, did you know? But this is version by Danny Gokey is my absolute favorite. He’s from American Idol and he should’ve won.

Nat King Cole is the best and his voice is of an angel. His version is absolutely the best ❤

Thank you for stopping my blog! Hope you’re having an amazing December. It’s Christmastime.

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