Christmastime in Orlando!

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Christmastime in Orlando absolutely amazing. There’s so many things to do here. Some of the events can get costly, but some of them are free. Can you believe that? For example, Disney Springs is decorated beautifully and you can see everything for free! They also have a Christmas tree trail, with 20 trees, and I think that’s free, but double check before if you decide to go! There’s also, Light Up UCF. You do have to pay for Ice skating and to ride the little train though.

Of course we have the amazing Universal Studios. It’s absolutely beautiful. The decorations are always the best. They have the parades and The Grinch land is my favorite.

Speaking of The Grinch, Ice at Gaylord Palms theme is How the Grinch Stole Christmas. This will be my first year going to Ice. I’ve lived here for 19 years and this will be my first year going. I’m actually pretty excited, lol! I feel like a little kid.

We have Disney World here and you can’t go wrong going to Disney during Christmastime. Just go earlier in December because it’s not as crowded. The castle is so beautiful 😍. They used to have fake ❄snow. It was so neat. They have parades throughout the day. It’s such a wonderful experience. They have Festival of the Holidays going on at Epcot.

We can’t forget SeaWorld! It’s looks like a Winter Wonderland. It’s absolutely beautiful. The light show is amazing and it’s over the water. It might be even better than what they have at Universal and Disney. I highly recommend going!


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