Motivational Monday, part 1673!


Good evening beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your day? Thank you for stopping by my blog after a long day. You could be doing anything else but you’re hear reading my blog and I appreciate you. You won’t be disappointed, lol! Come on in……..

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with sunshine, love, peace, and fun! Mine sure was. Mondays are always relaxing for me. I don’t work on Mondays. I usually run errands in the afternoon and I write most of the day. Monday might be my favorite day of the week. Most people might find that weird but it is.

I get to sleep in to whatever time I want. I run errands at whatever I want. Then I write for the rest of the day and I do that every Monday. That’s why I love Mondays so much. When I’m not writing, I read.

So, for today’s blog, I wanted to start the week of right with some motivational quotes. It’s always good to start the week of with some motivation! Although I love Monday’s, most people don’t. So, motivation is needed to start the week of right. I would’ve had my blog put already. However, we traveled yesterday and I didn’t write my blogs in time, my apologies! I hope you enjoy these motivational quotes I found on Pinterest. You gotta love Pinterest ❤

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