Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma Bernice!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! It’s not just any Saturday, it’s my Grandma Bernice Birthday, Happy Heavenly birthday Grandma Bernice ❤ Thank you guys for stopping by my blog, come on in………..

My grandmother Bernice Anderson

Well you guys, that is my grandmother Bernice Anderson and sadly that is the only picture I have of her. She passed away in 1970 and my Mother was only 16 years old. I was not of this earth and neither were my siblings. We never had the pleasure of meeting my Grandmother 🥺. When you think about it, it’s quite sad really. My Mother didn’t have her Mother very long and we never got to have a Grandmother.

You know when you watch movies and you see kids baking cookies and pies with their Grandmother. Or you see kids being tucked in by their Grandmother or have them being read bedtime stories, we never got that. I always wanted that. I imagine my Mother wanted that too!

I also imagine my Mother wanted my Grandmother when she was a 17, 18, 19, when she walked down the aisle, when she had us. It’s all very sad. It just makes me love my Mother even more. It makes me realize she’s even stronger than I realized. Because even though she didn’t have my Grandmother for all that what I just mentioned, she never faltered!

So, Grandma Bernice, on your birthday, I want you to know, although my mother, our Mother didn’t have you very long, you didn’t an amazing job for the very short time you had raising her!

I want you to know when my time comes to meet you in heaven I have lots of questions! I didn’t mean to make this emotional but I suppose maybe I feel a little emotional.

Happy Heavenly Birthday Grandma! I love you ❤

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