End of Hustle Week, but……….


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! How was your week? Thank you for spending part of your Saturday morning with me! You could be at brunch, the beach, with your family, friends, whatever, but you’re reading my blog. I mean, you could be reading my blog while doing those things, lol! Regardless, thanks for stopping stop by. Come on in………….

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

Well, this is the last day of hustle week but it’s not over quite yet. We still have today. I usually do Reasons I smiled this week on Saturdays, but I will be back with that next week, I promise. I don’t think I did it last Saturday either. I think it was someone’s birthday maybe, I’m not really sure. However, I will be back with it. It won’t just be visuals. Tell your friends about my blog so I can get more followers. I’d appreciate that. Please and thank you!


Life with Lane skullies

Brown or Maroon Life with Lane skullies


So, back to Hustle week, I think it was pretty successful. I did everything I set out to do. That was to get up, write more, promote myself, let people know I had self-published a book, get more followers, sell some Life with Lane merchandise, work on my five-year plan, try to figure out what direction I want my life to go in, pick up an extra shift at work, and make money! I did all of that! Not only did I do all of that, but I also managed to make time to have a really good seafood feast! It was delicious!

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