Smiling wasn’t always easy!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Wednesday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world. Welcome to Life with Lane; my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in……..

“Smiling wasn’t always easy!”
Life with Lane

I made sure I found a picture with one of my biggest smiles, lol! I think I was pretty happy that day too. Even if I wasn’t, I sure looked like it. Smiling hasn’t always been easy for me. You may find this hard to believe because I’m usually showing all my teeth. I’m a naturally happy person, I’ve been this way all my life.

However, I haven’t always liked my smile. Even now, I don’t always show my teeth. When I was growing up I had a gap between my teeth and I hated it. Was it the worst thing in the world? No, but to me it was. I absolutely hated it. Probably moreso because my classmates made so much fun of me. Not just classmates but my cousins, strangers, etc. It was very heartbreaking. It was terrible for my self-esteem.

I never wanted to talk in front of people. I didn’t want to smile in pictures. I didn’t want to be the center of attention. I wasn’t a very confident person. As smart and intelligent as I was, I allowed my smile to size up my self worth. Of course I was young then and everything, even the small things are a big deal. Having a nice smile, is a big deal! I don’t mean to minimize that.

I will say this, although smiling didn’t always come easy back when I was younger, I was always happy and I always nice. When I was 20 years old, I got braces! Everything changed after I got my braces. I started smiling more and my confidence became brighter. I’ve had my braces off for almost 20 years and I smile more than ever!

However, occasionally I’ll forget I had braces and I won’t smile. You’ll be surprised at the things that trigger you when you grow up the way I did. I still have nightmares about how my teeth looked growing up. I’ll get up in the middle of the night and go and look at my teeth! Make sure they’re still together 🥺.

Don’t worry, nothing will make me stop smiling. I didn’t wear braces that long for nothing, lol! Although, apparently teeth never stop shifting and I have to have more dental work done, TBC! I will continue to smile and so should you! Your smile could brighten someone’s day and save a life!

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