Just because you believe it……


Good evening beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with sunshine, love, blessings, great food, friends, and family! Thank you for stopping by my blog, come on in………

I usually don’t have blogs come out in the evening but today I am! Today is almost over but I didn’t want the day to end without putting out this blog. Why? Because I felt like I needed to say this. I’m really not someone who holds back when I feel like I need to say something. There’s a time to be quiet and there’s a time to be speak up. Right now, I feel the need to speak up. Let’s be honest, I’m really not one to shy away. Although what I have to say isn’t bad or that new, lol!

Just because you don’t believe in something, it doesn’t mean it isn’t true or right! There are people out there that don’t believe in interracial marriage, interracial babies. Guess what? It happens every single day. People from different backgrounds, color, race, get married literally everyday! Interracial babies are born problem every few minutes.

There are people that don’t think people of the same sex should be allowed to be married. Some people think slavery should have never been abolished. Schools shouldn’t have been desegregated. People from other countries shouldn’t be able to come to the US to start a new life. Some people think women shouldn’t have control over their bodies!

My question is, who do we think you are? Who do we think we are? Why should your beliefs ever be forced upon another human when it comes to matters of marriage, a womans right to choose? Moreso, why would we ever want to stop someone who is fleeing from their horrible home to come here and start a new life? Isn’t America supposed to be “Land of the free, home of the brave!”

Yet, we have such a terrible history of mistreating our own people, especially my people, black people! African and black Americans, brown Americans, women, and children! It seems like the only people; the only group America has only been great for is White men! If I’m wrong, name a time when America was bad for them, I’ll wait………

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