Good morning beautiful humans, happy Sunday! Its not just any Sunday, it’s Juneteenth! What is Juneteenth? Please see the Pin below………..

Join us as we celebrate Freedom for my people. We still have along way to go but we’ve come so far! Let us celebrate those accomplishments. Although we can move forward, we still acknowledge what happened to my people in the past and still continues to happen to us today. We need to be treated better. We are equals! Don’t ever forget that!

Black is beautiful in every shade!

One thought on “Juneteenth!

  1. Happy Juneteenth ! And Happy Sunday fellow human ! I grew up in a place where if you didn’t hangout with all people and just wanted to keep to what we were taught to be our own ( pre 23 and me ) you were one lonely kid with no friends and certainly no sports. NYC 1970’s the melting pot – I could go on and on. Keep on posting !

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