Black Women Matter, Part 3!


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Well, here I am again talking about how Black Women Matter. I swear I just wrote a blog about this a few weeks ago. I sound like a broken record,  however, If I have to repeat myself a million times for people to get it, I will! 
Im writing today because of the Megan the Stallion case. If you’re unfamiliar with this, in 2020 she was shot in her foot (allegedly) by a rapper named Tory Lanz. I’m not really sure how to spell his name. There was a video of her backing away from the car with her hands in the air with blood seeping from her foot. She later told the police that he shot her. 

Since then, people have been coming at her. I mean coming at her hard. Saying she’s lying and placing all the blame on her. Although in the video you can clearly see her foot is bleeding. Also, there was a video and pictures of the shell casings removed from her foot.

I’m not sure how any of this is her fault or how no one seems to want to hold Tory accountable, but it’s very upsetting. I’ve been reading comments on social media and it’s clear to me most people do not care about Black Women and we definitely don’t matter. Sad thing is, the hate, backlash, ugliness is comings from Black Men! It’s absolutely disgusting!

When Black Men fall, need to be picked up, need support, Black Women are right there! Always on the front line but the respect and loyalty is not reciprocated. It’s one of the saddest things in the world. 

I can’t just blame Black men for disrespect. White women make fun of our hair, lips, accents, etc. White men, don’t even get me started. I’m here to tell you, Black Women Matter! We are EVERYTHING! We set the trends for everything and everyone. We’re highly educated and strong. We don’t back down. You may try to bury us but you’re only growing us into stronger and better humans. 
Mocking is only because you wish to be us! That is ALL! 


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