Dear White People!


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I find myself speaking out more about the things that bother me! As I said in my post yesterday, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten bolder. I’m unafraid to speak out about things that bother me because I don’t care what people think anymore. If you don’t speak out, how will anyone know you’re bothered? This blog isn’t targeted at all white people but they know who they are!

The shooter from that mass shooting last week specifically targeted black people. He went to the city with the highest population of black people. He went there to hunt down and kill Black people. He went on a killing spree to wipe out Black people. Why? He felt like my people were trying to take over America. He felt like his race (white people) were starting to be the minority and he wanted to get rid of us.

Sadly, his way of thinking is shared by many others. He’s not the only white person to think this way. However, he was the only one, at the time, to actually go out and start killing Black people. With that being said, he’s not the first and he won’t be the last.

Being Black in America, we’re simply targeted just for our existence and it’s a scary thing. I don’t think other races understand that. Maybe they do but they don’t seem to care.

I’m here to tell you, all we want is just to be treated equally! We’re not trying to take over, we have no desire to wipe you out, we simply just want a world where we’re treated as equals. We just want respect, kindness, and equality! That is all we’ve ever asked for! Which is my humble opinion, isn’t much!

We shouldn’t be turned down for jobs, houses, loans, etc just because of the color of our skin. We shouldn’t be followed around in stores and neighborhoods. We shouldn’t be afraid to go to Wal-Mart, movie theaters, or certain cities because people (white) will potentially kill us because they feel threatened! Our skin color shouldn’t threaten you!

Just so you know, you don’t own America! My people, (black people) do belong here! Stop telling us to go back to Africa. Which by the way most of us haven’t been and probably will never visit! We are not the enemy. We can all live here and be happy. You just have to understand that we belong here just as much as you do! We’re not trying to take over. Treat us with respect, kindness, and equality!

If you ever wonder when you see a Black person out and about and they seem unhappy. Just remember what that person goes through everyday living as a Black person in America! How would you look?

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