Holy Week!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Tuesday! It’s Holy Week……….I’m a few days late posting this! So, let’s begin………

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What is Holy Week? Well, Holy Week are the events that occur up until Easter. It started on Sunday, which is known as Psalm Sunday. It ends on Easter, which is Resurrection Day! It is celebrated mostly by Christians. I have attached a Pin that I found on Pinterest that goes over the events.

Since I was a child, I’ve always loved Church. Well, not necessarily Church but definitely the Bible. I find it quite fascinating. I liked Church more as an adult than I did in my childhood. Maybe because I understand it more now.

However, I don’t read the Bible or go to church as often as I should. That doesn’t my faith has changed or I believe in God any less. I pray more as an adult and I know I don’t have to go to church for God to hear my prayers. I do still love church, just haven’t found a new one that I connect with! Prayer is good for the soul. Believing in higher power is good for the soul. Only believing in man will set you up for disappointment every time.


Thank you for reading my blog! Happy Holy Week! Like, comment, subscribe! Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! #onelove


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