Not everyone has the same goals!


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Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

Don’t you want to get married? When are you going to have kids? What college are going to? When are you going to get a real job? Why haven’t you gotten a house yet? Why are you still working for your uncle? These are questions people are often asked and it can be quite frustrating. What I don’t understand is, if the person asking isn’t your parent, why is their business?

What alot of people don’t fail to realize is that not every has the same goals! Everyone doesn’t dream of getting married and having children. Some people want to have children but not kid married and vice versa.

Sometimes when teenagers graduate from high school after attending for 12 years straight, the thought of continuing for another 4 years sounds like a nightmare. Yes, going to college is a wonderful thing but it isn’t meant for everyone.

Having a home is a huge responsibility and not everyone wants to own one. They don’t want the responsibilities that come with. They’re perfectly fine with renting and that’s okay. Just because you may feel your son or daughter should own a home at the age of 30, it doesn’t mean they have to feel the same way!

Everyone should be able live their life the way they see fit. They should do what’s best for them. I’ve had alot of friends doing things because they thought they were supposed to. It was a goal of their parents or aunt and it blew up in their face. Trying to live up to someone else’s expectation. Not everyone has the same GOALS! Remember that!

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