10 random facts about me!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was amazing, mine sure was! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world. Welcome to Life with Lane; my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in……..


For those of you that have been following me for the past 3 years, you probably know me pretty well. However, today I thought I’d take the time to throw some random facts about myself. Why? I feel like it’s important for my readers/followers to know me. I think knowing how I am matters and that’s what I do! “Do things that matter!”

1. I have a weak stomach.

2. My eyesight went downhill at age 12

3. I learned how to drive a stick shift at age 13

4. I wanted to be a brain surgeon as a child (random fact a fear of blood killed that)

5. Im terrified of frogs

6. As much as I love to eat, I don’t really like sweets

7. Track and field is my favorite sport

8. R.L Stine was my favorite childhood author

9. I’ve never broken a bone (Thank God)

10. I don’t watch reality shows

What are some random things about you?

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