When there are no consequences!


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I remember working at my old job and my ex co-workers would constantly get scolded for doing things they weren’t supposed to. However, they never stopped doing them. Why? Because there weren’t any consequences.

When there are no consequences, behavior doesn’t change! You know why? Because it doesn’t need to when there aren’t consequences. In relationships if someone cheats and treats their other half disrespectfully the behavior will continue; especially if the other person stays.

After awhile the person realizes no matter what they do, their other half, the manager, friend, or whoever; they will excuse their behavior and nothing will happen to them! There’s no need for them to change!

Have you experienced this?

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Life with Lane

One thought on “When there are no consequences!

  1. Been there done that. Got 5 tee-shirts and burned them all then got another tee-shirt but this time I left that tee-shirt in the bag and decided to burn down the store and put on my do not go to ever. Anyways have a nice day Nix. And don’t go to that store


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