What Christmas means to me!

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Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. No matter what people choose to celebrate that day, that is the entire meaning of Christmas. I mean Christ is in the beginning of Christmas, lol! Maybe we don’t know when he was really born but December 25th is the day it’s celebrated and what it’s all about. Can’t really have Christmas without Christ.

I still remember one of my first speeches I has to recite as a child during our Christmas program. “C is for the Christ child, the blessed baby boy!” Or something like that. I also remember my favorite speech, I Too!

“Jesus died and I know why it’s very plain to see, he gave his life that I might live he did it all for me! My Jesus loved me all so much, he wanted you to see, that I could live with him someday the Bible tells me so!”

I’ll never forget either one of those! Christmas is about Jesus, which means love! Love, hope, forgiveness, life, and family! What does Christmas mean to you?

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