My review of Dexter New Blood!

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Well, if you’ve been following me for the past almost three years you know that I love Dexter. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. The writing, the cast, and the acting was some of the best I’ve ever seen. It was especially phenomenal in the first 4 seasons.

So, of course I was over the moon when I found out they were doing a reboot. You might ask yourself, why were you happy about this after the a way it ended? I was happy because of the way it ended, I figured it could give the writers a chance to redeem themselves, lol!

However, there’s a few things I required of this reboot. Jennifer Carpenter had to be in the show in some capacity. There’s no Dexter without Deborah. Harrison needed to be brought up. Lastly, why Dexter dumped his sister in the water needs to be explained. That really upset me…..

So, tonight will be episode four. So far I’m already hooked. Michael C. Hall has stepped back into his role of Dexter Morgan as if he never stopped. He plays the role of a serial killer/psychopath better than anyone. He plays the role with such conviction. You forget he’s acting and it’s fascinating to watch. I imagine it’s very intense playing Dexter.

I didn’t expect things to escalate the way they did so fast but I’m overjoyed. I don’t want to give to much away and spoil anything in case you guys haven gotten to episode 4 yet.

However, seeing him set up his kill room and wearing his kill outfit sent chills through my body. I always wondered why he choose those particular clothes. Those particular colors….

Seeing Deborah nearly made me cry. She was such a vital part of the show. She was smart it was almost scary. I don’t think Jennifer Carpenter got nearly enough credit for her acting on Dexter. She’s truly a gem. She has such emotion and she brings such passion into her acting. It’s beautiful to watch.

During episode one, I could immediately tell who was going to set Dexter off. That was the only predictable thing. I didn’t expect him to be working at a gun shop. I didn’t expect his girlfriend to be a cop.

So far, I’ve gotten 2 of my 3 requirements. I’d say that’s a really good start. I give Dexter New Blood, an 8 of 10 so far. Why an 8? There’s 6 episodes left and the original Dexter is hard to follow. The original cast members were outstanding. I haven’t seen a cast member I love yet outside of Dexter and Deborah. Musuka and Angel were priceless. There’s no one like them in the new show.

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