Transformation Tuesday, part 545!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Tuesday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world! Welcome to Life with Lane; my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in………..

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

Well, I’m 41 years old now and I feel fabulous! Im pretty confident in myself and who I am! I wasn’t always this way but here I am and it feels great! Transformation is an amazing thing and it’s something I write about often.


When you see yourself slowly becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be its such a beautiful thing. It can be scary and sometimes weird but it’s always amazing. I’m very proud of my progress and my journey. I hasn’t been roses and sunshine the whole time but been me moving forward. The goal in life is upgrade, move forward, and educate yourself! I am definitely doing that.

Thank you for reading my blog! Like, comment, subscribe. Please feel free to contact me for collaborations or sponsorships. Serious inquiries only Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! #onelove

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