Its my birthday month!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your weekend? How was your Halloween 🎃? Mine was lovely, I love Halloween 🎃! Thank you for stopping by my blog, come on in……..

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

Its my birthday month, hooray! Im super excited. I love birthdays, especially mine! This year went by so fast, I feel like I wasn’t 40 for very long. They say time goes by faster when you get older, this is very true! It seems like yesterday I was 25. Now, look at me almost 41 years old!


I’m biased but the best, most intelligent people are born in November, lol! I consider myself to be pretty damn awesome! Of course alot of that has to do with my fantastic Mother. Also, I found out I was born on my Grandfather’s birthday. Which is pretty amazing since I didn’t have the opportunity to meet him. I know he was amazing.

It’s my birthday month!

In addition to it being my birthday month, its also Fall, my favorite time of the year! All of my favorite things happen during Fall! Halloween, Football, great weather, HHN, Thanksgiving, and festivals!

My different looks

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