W.T.F What The Florida!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! How was your week? I hope it was filled with happiness and productivity! Usually I do reasons I smiled this week on Saturdays, but I wanted to talk about our issues here in Florida instead, come on in………

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I’m not a fan or wearing masks. Man on man am I not a fan of wearing mask. I’m a server that works outside in Orlando in 90 to100 degree weather 4 days a week. Plus I suffer from anxiety and I’m claustrophobic. All the things that equal disaster when it comes to wearing a mask. However, when it comes to saving human lives, including my own, I do my best and I suck it up. I wore my mask and I will wear it again if a mask mandate is put back into place.

Florida has become the epicenter for coronavirus again. Our Governor has no desire to put mask mandates back into place. Which has me saying to myself, why? Like WTF? What the Florida? We are a melting pot and people come here to visit from everywhere, wouldn’t it make sense to have a mask mandate for atleast when people are inside?

You can’t force people to be vaccinated, which I completely agree with. You can’t can’t force a vaccination on someone. However, if you don’t have the vaccination, you should atleast be required to wear a mask. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel like they don’t work. Its about saving human lives, not your feelings!

I think people need to understand that just because you feel something, you feel a certain way, rules and life don’t work that way. So, you don’t feel like mask work. Are you a doctor or a scientist? I should take medical advice from you based on your feelings? What kind of advice is that? We need to get out of our feelings and look at numbers. Numbers don’t lie…………..

Protect human life, that is all!

Life with Lane

15 thoughts on “W.T.F What The Florida!

  1. Individual liberty, and the right for parents to decide for their children are issues I can relate to. Two weeks to flatten the curve, masks won’t work are things Fauci said but weren’t true. People are not trusting their political leaders, and the issue of COVID had become hyper politicized. Roll in the possibility that Desantis might run for president, and the rhetoric from both sides with increase. Not a good situation! On a happier note, your photo is beautiful 😍


    1. The only thing I care about is protecting human life! That’s the whole point, isn’t it? I never wanted it to be political. I just want people to stay alive. I thought wearing mask helped more than harmed……thanks for commenting 💕💕

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