My struggle with migraines 😫!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! I just found out that June is Migraine Awareness Month! So, each week I will be posting information about migraines! Thank you for stopping by my blog, come on in……….

Life with Lane
“Doing things that matter!”

Omg, I look way to happy in that picture above when indeed I’ve been miserable because of my migraines! However, i smile through the pain when I can and never go out looking miserable!

I’ve suffered from migraines since I was about 12 or 14 years old I believe. I have to tell you its not a fun journey. It’s not something I talk about often because I don’t like to complain. However, I’m saying something now because its migraine awareness month and for the past almost month I’ve had a lingering migraine and I have to see a neurologist again because of them!

If you’ve never suffered from a migraine please don’t give advice or offer advil, it doesn’t help! Also when you find out someone has a migraine or is suffering from one, telling them they don’t look sick doesn’t help AT ALL!

Just know that it isn’t like a normal headache and doesn’t just go away with normal over the counter medicine. Just because someone looks fine doesn’t mean that they are. Almost everyone is struggling with a battle we no nothing about! Always keep that in mind and always be kind to others!

I will keep you guys posted on my migraine healing journey! Thank you for reading my blog! Have a wonderful blessed day and always, always be kind! Continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and don’t forget about your neighbor! #onelove

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