He always understood me!

I miss my Onyx

When I would talk to Onyx, he would sit and listen to me as if he understood every word i said. He would just look at me with such understanding. It was such a beautiful comforting thing. I miss that so much.

He was such a wonderful companion and he was always by my side. I know that if he could still be by myself he would be.

Its coming up on 4 months since he’s been gone and not a day goes by that I don’t miss him. People keep asking if ill get another dog and the answer is no. There was only one Onyx. He understood me and I know another dog will never get me the way he did. Maybe because he was my first dog, bond was different.

I don’t think it’s far to another dog to have to compete with that. Only time will tell. I miss my dog. He was a blessing to my life and I thank God for allowing me to have him for as long as I did!

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