Music is back!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was filled with lots of blessings. How was your Easter? Mine was amazing, it really was! I love Easter……Thank you for stopping by my blog. Come on in……

Before I start my post I want to take the time to show some appreciation for my Momma Lily. She was my Grandfather’s 2nd wife. So, she was my step Grandmother. Of course we never called her that. She was our/my Momma Lily. She’s one of the reasons I love Easter so much. When I was younger she sat me down and explained the meaning of Easter and what the eggs represented. She also was a fantastically dressed human and she had the best hair. I looked forward to seeing what color her hair would be; especially on Easter. She was truly an amazing human.

Some people aren’t blessed with Grandparents. My maternal Grandmother died in 1970, so my siblings and I never got to meet her. My Maternal Grandfather died in 1987 I think. So, Momma Lily was truly the only Grandparent I really had. So, I embraced her and she embraced us like we were truly her own. Love your grandparents!

So, the point of this blog is to talk about music. Its been hard to find good music these days. It all seems to be crap, lol! When I listen to music its always from years ago, old school music. That changed when I heard the new music from Bruno Mars and Anderson P.aak. They formed a group called Silk Sonic. I can successfully say music is back. If you haven’t heard their new music, you’re in for a treat. I have included it below. Your ears will thank me.

I have literally listened to this everyday since I heard it. Its like one of the best things I’ve heard in years. 4 or 5 years ago my sister and I went to see Bruno Mars in concert and it was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. He’s such an amazing performer but its his voice that makes him special. I will definitely be going to see him again when he tours.

Thank you for reading my blog. Like, comment, subscribe! Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and don’t forget about your neighbor! #onelove

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