His last breath

I swear when Onyx took his last breath I felt it 😒 It was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. When I tell you I cried so hard I thought I would faint because I wasn’t breathing, I mean it. It was like I was connected to him and when he died, he took part of me with him. The sadness, the heartbreak I felt was/is unreal. Its crazy how much a pet can mean to you. He was my first born, my first pet as an adult. He was my whole heart!

I honestly thought in my lifetime as much as I’ve cried, I didn’t think I had that many tears left in me. That little dog, my little old man, was one of the best parts of my life. He was my happiness, the best money I’ve ever spent!

When he took his last breath, he didn’t just leave me, he took apart of my heart, my morning happiness, my after work happiness, the part of my life that kept me grounded, my discipline! I think I needed him more than he needed me.

God put dogs on the earth as companions. He did such an amazing job when he created them. I can’t think of a better pet/creation!

Thank you God for blessing me with my Onyx for 15 plus years. I will love him forever.

Life with Lane

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