Goodbye to my Onyx!

He was my whole heart! The best friend I’ve ever had and ill miss him forever! Words can’t describe how much my little old man meant to me. He was the best thing I’ve ever had!

My whole heart ❤

He was with me through most of my twenties, all of my thirties, and he saw me turn the big 4.0! Sometimes when I felt I had no one he was always by my side, ALWAYS!

Me and my Onyx!

Thank you God for blessing me with him for 15 plus years. He changed me for the better. He humbled me. He kept me grounded. He taught me patience. He inspired me to be a better person. He taught me the true meaning of unconditional love!

I would continue writing but I’m tearing up because my heart is broken 💔 😢

6 thoughts on “Goodbye to my Onyx!

  1. Wow! I know he meant the world to you. Sorry, for your lost. Surely, his memories and pics will comfort you especially the one, that looks likes a pic from the ‘Wizard Of Oz.’ 🙂


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