Rest in Peace Sir Sean Connery

Sir Sean Connery

I just wanted to make sure I acknowledged the late great Sir Sean Connery! The original James Bond. He was a national treasure and he will be missed. My family and I all loved him. Rest in peace Sir!

FYI, my favorite movie of his isn’t a James Bond film, it’s actually The Rock! Such a fantastic movie! Entrapment is a very close 2nd and the The Hunt for Red October!

Sir Sean Connery

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Sir Sean Connery

  1. The Rock was excellent. Although you only hear his voice in Dragonheart, it’s one of my favorite fantasy films. RIP, Mr. Connery. My drinks will be shaken, not stirred in your memory.


    1. Yes, The Rock is an excellent movie 💕 I love it! I think I’m going to watch it tomorrow night with a gin martini! Shaken not stirred of course 💕 He was such a wonderful human. His voice was like none other. Have a great week, Rob!


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