My favorite scary movies!

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“My favorite scary movies!”
Life with Lane

Hi there friends, with Halloween only 2 weeks away, I thought I would share my favorite scary movies with you guys. I may have mentioned that I don’t like scary movies anymore. I’m such a wimp now, lol! However, I do watch slasher films during the month on October. I only watch them during the day though……

Nightmare on Elm Street is absolutely my favorite scary movies of all time. I don’t think I’ll ever love another scary movie as much as this one. I think the concept of the movie is what gets me. Freddy Kruger gets you when you are asleep. Like, you can’t beat that! You have to sleep so you really can’t get away from him. Pure genius if you ask me, lol! Not to mention he looks gross and he has the best laugh ever! Man, I love that movie. Going to watch it Sunday night with popcorn of course.

A very close 2nd is the great movie Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis. The background music in the movie alone makes me love it. Michael Myers mask is just so creepy. After seeing this movie like a hundred times I still don’t understand how he became the way he is. I guess he was just born evil?

Child’s Play isn’t really a scary movie but it has scary parts maybe. Regardless, I love this movie and I could honestly watch it everyday. The plot of the movie in my opinion is pretty good and it makes sense. The guy who does the voice-over for Chucky has such a great sounding voice, I love it. The movie did make me suspicious of dolls though, lol!

Silver Bullet is such a classic and I love it! I watch this movie with my family almost everytime I go home to visit. Even though it came out awhile ago, the graphics for the main guy turning into a werewolf is pretty good. Im always amazed everytime i see it. Stephen King is such an amazing writer and they did a great job with this movie.

The Wolfman, the only scary movie I love that was made in the 2000’s lol! When I saw this movie at the movie theater I jumped so many times. Couldn’t believe I watched it all the way because its pretty gross. I love it! Im a huge Emily Blunt fan and that’s why I wanted to see it. Throw in Anthony Hopkins and Benicio Deltoro and you have gold. I highly suggest this movie if you like scary movies! Its pretty damn good!

Thank you for reading my blog! Like, comment, subscribe. What’s your favorite scary movie? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and don’t forget about your neighbor! #onelove

8 thoughts on “My favorite scary movies!

  1. Excellent choices, especially Friday the 13th. In addition to those films, I’d add the original Evil Dead 2, In the Mouth of Madness, and The Howling. Happy Halloween!


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