Reasons I smiled this week, 47th edition!


Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! I hope you had a wonderful week! Welcome to my weekly edition of reasons I smiled! Come on in…………

That’s one of my favorite pictures! I was trying on my flapper girl custom for Halloween. It was actually a perfect fit! I love the Roaring 20’s costumes, lol! I hope everyone had a lovely week filled with love, happiness, sunshine, productivity, good food and drink, cute puppies, and blessings!

My sister can cook!

My sister Danielle and I had another sister day! This time we stayed in and she cooked dinner. When I say she cooked dinner, I mean she threw down, lol! You see the size of that lobster tail? Lobster is where it’s at people. It was a whole pound

My sister Danielle and I πŸ’•πŸ’•

I got to spend time with my sister Danielle! She’s so much fun. I love when we have sister day. We’ve both been busy with work and haven’t gotten a chance to hang out much. So, it was nice to finally have sister day again! We watched ridiculous Sci-Fi horror movies; which is one of my favorite things to do! These movies just get worse and worse, lol! I always think, who finances these? I need to get in on it, lol!

I had a Sunday off and I decided to make it a me day! I took myself to brunch. I had such a wonderful time and I took my R.L. Stine book and read while I was there. I got chicken and Waffles, which is one of my favorite brunch items. I was at a place called Teak. The food there is amazing. I used to go there all the time and now I remember why. The food is so yummy and the vibe is really nice!

After I left brunch i decided to go to the pool. The pool here is so beautiful and the forecast changed. It was supposed to rain at 2pm but it didnt until evening time. The weather ended up being almost perfect. I didn’t stay long but the time I was there was really nice. I love pool days

I watched Jurassic Park! This movie is one of my favorites and I absolutely love it. It never gets old and everytime I watch it I smile! In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love dinosaurs. I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was a child. I was completely fascinated with dinosaurs, I still am! Dinosaurs, dragons, and fairies!

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3 thoughts on “Reasons I smiled this week, 47th edition!

  1. Funny, I watched about 20 minutes of Jurassic Park on Monday. Life will find a way… Sounds like a good week. Glad you had some time, and lobster, with your sister.


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