Protect our women and children!

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I’ve been wanting to write this blog for quite sometime but I’m finally getting around to it. I was trying to make sure I had my thoughts together. I want to make sure that I express myself in the right way. Maybe there isn’t a right way but I wanted to make sure I got all my points across. This topic is very important to me.

We often hear of woman doing everything to protect their children but who’s protecting the women? Even with my fellow women protecting ourselves, it isn’t enough. I feel that more needs to be done and we need to talk about this topic more often.

I was listening to the news a few months ago and a reporter was talking about how a Catholic church burned thousands of files about abuse of young boys. I thought to myself, why are you protecting the priest, the church, but not the young boys? You’re protecting the grown men, the honor of the church, but not the children. Everything about that is wrong. EVERYTHING!!

Young girls and women are kidnapped and sold in sex slavery. You have athletes that abuse their girlfriend’s and wives. It’s swept under the rug because the athlete brings money to the organization.

At times it feels as if women and children don’t matter. Protecting the man, the white man (Sorry, not sorry), is the only thing that’s important. We have to do something about this! Women and children MATTER!

Megan thee Stallion was shot and somehow it was her fault. All kind of crude jokes and memes were made. Apparently if you make a song called Savage you can take bullets and be joked about. No man stepped up for her and try to protect her, NO ONE! It was incredibly sad, heartbreaking, and infuriating!

Kanye West went on rants and somehow it’s all Kim Kardashian fault. Everyone was checking on his mental illness but no one seemed to care about his wife. It’s like her feelings didn’t matter. You know why? She’s a woman and people were only concerned about Kanye’s feelings. People only cared about his mental health and blamed her for everything that’s wrong with him.

We have to do better! I can’t express this enough, women and children MATTER! We are the future, without women and children, what do we have? Who’s going to be on the frontlines when injustice happens? Who’s going to be waiting at home when men need comfort? Who’s the backbone of this country? Who’s the future doctors, lawyers, scientists, marine biologist, philanthropist, activist. ect?

Don’t forget about the children! Especially the ones that have gone missing, the ones that never received justice, and the ones that have fallen into the system.

Women and children MATTER!

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4 thoughts on “Protect our women and children!

  1. “Protecting the man, the white man (Sorry, not sorry), ” I’m with you on protecting women and children. That has to happen. There’s so much abuse, not only from religious organizations, but from family and ‘friends’, too. Children being abandoned by a parent can be devastating, and that happens more due to men leaving the home. More male responsibility is required. But, as someone who is white, a child of immigrants, who lost his dad as a teen, had to quit school so the government and banks wouldn’t take his mother’s home and make us homeless, who worked for minimum wage for years, I’m not feeling that protected. I do understand your overall point, and I support it. I just think that grouping a bunch of people together as a target can be counterproductive, as it is with racism. We really all need to recognize each other as equals, with compassion and love.

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    1. I understand your point, Rob! However through my eyes, the eyes of a woman, an African American woman, I see things differently. This post was more about protecting woman and children and less about protecting the white man. Which is the only part you focused on. I mentioned athletes and men in general as well. I just want women and children to feel and be more protected. Through my eyes neither of us seem to matter much. Based on statistics, my thoughts would be accurate. Your feelings matter but this post was about women and children. I appreciate you for taking the time read and comment. I always do because most people just click like without reading. This post meant alot to me, thank you! 💕

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      1. I totally support your points on children and women, especially minorities. The reason that I had commented on the white male part was because you had brought that into the discussion. If you had said men , then I’m also with you. By specifying white men, you exclude black men, who contribute to the 75% of African American families with a single parent. That hurts children, too. (That statistic is between 2014 – 2018. ) So, there is a role there, too. And thank you for your kind words. I’m happy to call you my friend. ❤


  2. We do need to protect women and children, but perhaps we also need to concentrate on empowering the women so they don’t need as much protection 🙂 There is such a huge bias in our culture that places males over females, and somehow that bias needs to be erased. No clue where to start, but awareness helps.


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