I planned to post something else today but when the news came out about Naya Rivera, I changed my mind 🥺🥺. Naya is (was) the beautiful actress from the show Glee. She rented a pontoon boat on Wednesday for the day to take out with her son. Hours later her son was found floating alone. She was presumed dead Thursday. It is now a search and rescue mission. Absolutely heartbreaking news. Her poor son, my God this is sad.

I titled my blog hope because I’m not sure where or what life is without it. I didn’t know Naya but my heart breaks her family. I hope that 2020 gets better because so far its just been shit!

I will remain optimistic as much as I can and continue to hope things get better. I figure as long as I don’t lose hope, I’ll be alright!

Naya Rivera

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