This is why we continue to fight…….

Don’t stop fighting

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! Only one more day of the work week. This month is flying by but that’s how life feels when you start to get older. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Well, come on in……

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I love reading but lately I’ve realized I’m not reading enough. I say that because there’s so much I don’t know about my people’s history. I learn something new everyday. The more I learn the sadder I become. It makes me realize I need to do more.

My ancestors, my people went through alot. More than I can honestly wrap my head around. So, I wanted to share some of this. I will do a blog like this once a week. It’s mostly to educate myself but bring you guys along during my journey.

Jimmie Lee Jackson
Ocoee massacre

I live like an hour away from Ocoee 🥺🥺. Stuff like this breaks my heart but it’s good to know, to be educated on what happened back then. Sad thing is African American/black people are still mistreated, beaten, and killed today for simply wanting to be treated fairly.

I will keep fighting for my people and always use my voice and I don’t care who I make feel uncomfortable.

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Life with Lane http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

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