40 Things I want to do before I’m 40


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“40 things I want to do before I’m 40!”
Life with Lane

I’ve talked about it quite a few times, I am going to be 40 years old on November 9th. I actually can’t believe I’m going to be 40 this year. I don’t feel like I got to this age fast but as you get older time does seem to go by faster. I have decided that I wanted to make a 40 before 40 list to accomplish before my birthday. I thought I would share it with you guys just in case you want to help me out 😉



I made sure that I didn’t put anything that’s too unrealistic on my lists because I wanted it to be things that I can actually do before November. I didn’t wanna be unrealistic or ridiculous. When you make goals for yourself, you put things that you know are realistic and that’s what I put on this list. Once you read it, let me know what you think. Please feel free to let me know if you can help me I always appreciate a helping hand, lol!

40 before 40 (These are in no specific order, although seeing Tom Brady play against Drew Brees in Tampa is what I want most)

1. Buy a really expensive purse (done) 2. Go skinny dipping (lol)  3.Go on a vacation by myself (done)4. Sleep under the stars 5.Take a $40 shot 6. 3 day trip to Vegas with no sleep 7. Read 4 books in 4 weeks 8. know a bible scripture by heart that means something 9. Publish my book of poems 10. Have Life with Lane scarves and aprons 11. Go horseback riding 12. Visit Paris, See the Eiffel Tower (done) 13.Go to SwitzerlandTop of the Swiss Alps (done)14. See the Northern Lights 15. Visit Oregon 16. Dolphin Sunset Cruise 17. Go parasailing 18.Go jetskiiing in the Caribbean (done)  19.See Hall and Oats live 20. Whale watch 21. Take a bath under a waterfall (done) 22. Hold a koala bear 23. Zipline over alligator 24. Indoor skydiving 25. Ride the Orlando Eye 26. Indoor rock climbing 27. Dye my hair red 28. Get a tattoo 29. Get a 3rd ear piercing 30. Take my Mother to the mountains 31. African American museum in Washington DC 32. Makeup done by a professional 33. Have a mud bath 🤣 35. Drive through safari in Tampa 36. Drive in movie with my sister 37. Get contacts 38. If not contacts lasik surgery 39. Finish writing my first script 40. See Tom Brady vs Drew Brees in Tampa in November 8th, the day before my birthday!

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Arnetta’s 40 before 40

Help me reach my goals of 40 before 40! Thank you


11 thoughts on “40 Things I want to do before I’m 40

  1. Silly question, but is it actually possible to see Hall and Oats live without a time machine? I didn’t know that they existed outside of the 1980s… Unfortunately I think Covid is going to make some these hard to do by Nov 8.


    1. Hall and Oats are still alive and well and touring. They were due to have a concert in Tampa in September. I’m not sure if it’s been canceled or not. I haven’t gotten an update. If not I will be going. I’m sure I can do most of these things before November 8th. Probably just not the whale watching and taking my mother to the mountains. The big things on my list have already been done 😀😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So funny, but it is hard to tell what will be happening in September! I hope you get quite a few of them checked off, and if not, you will always have Paris. (Sorry, had to get a Casablanca misquote in there 😉 )


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