This is not okay!

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“This is not okay!”
Life with Lane

When I say this is not okay, I’m talking about the two white men that took it upon themselves to go after Ahmaud Arbery because they thought he committed a burglary.

When I heard what happened, I immediately felt disgusted. These two men went into this situation from the start will ill intentions. Number one, they had dehumanized Ahmaud by grabbing shot guns. Number two, why would you go after a human being with a shotgun? You hunt an animal with a shotgun not a human. Number three, if you thought he stole something where did you think he was hiding it while jogging down the street in basketball shorts and a t-shirt?

Number 4, why didn’t you call the police? You thought a burglary took place, so why not call the police? Like, who did you were to go after someone like that? In what world is okay to go after a human being with a shotgun? That’s the problem, they didn’t see that black/African American man as a human. That seems to be a common problem in America. James Baldwin said it best, please see below.

James Baldwin

I don’t think white people understand how hard it is being black in America. This man was simply just jogging and he was shot down in the street like a damn animal. The problem is, which there are so many, is they didn’t think he belonged in that neighborhood or anywhere near it.

Just like George Zimmerman didn’t think Trayvon Martin belonged in the neighborhood he was walking in. Trayvon was walking and he was killed. Ahmaud was jogging and he was killed. If these things don’t upset you, you might be part of the problem.

When Lebron James or any other African American/black athlete speak out on racist issues in America, some white people are quick to say shut up and just play your sport. They don’t want to hear how awful my people are treated. We have a problem in America.

We as African American/black people don’t want special treatment, we just wanted to be treated as equals. Its 2020, this should not still be happening. No race should feel superior to another. We were all created equal, we should be treated as such. All human life matters.

Its incredibly sad we had to start Black Lives Matter to remind other races that we do in fact matter!

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8 thoughts on “This is not okay!

  1. It is awful, and you are right, I have no idea how it feels. I go jogging without worrying. I don’t have to worry about walking or jogging in most neighborhoods. It isn’t fair. I’m glad that the (unmentionables) were finally arrested, but that it it took national outrage to do it is disgusting – if two black men had killed a white jogger they would have been locked up in minutes, and maybe worse, no matter what the circumstances were. I have no clue why this is such an issue in America in 2020 nor why so many peop0le don’t understand that it is still a problem.


    1. Thank you very much, Trent! Thank you for reading and commenting and for understanding. We live in such a sad world and I’m often saddened, angry, hurt, and puzzled. Why cant we all treat each other with kindness and respect?

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  2. I am so sad too. I can’t find the words to describe my feelings accept that I am feeling so sick about it. I agree with you, how can this happen in 2020? We are ALL humans no matter what the color of our skin is❤


    1. Thank you very much for reading and commenting! I’m often saddened, angry, and puzzled by the things that go on in this country. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and understanding 💕


  3. A little story from a white guy….

    When I was in my teens, and although my immigrant parents didn’t raise me to be racist, I did hang out with some racist people. One day, my band and I were in this beat up old car, carrying our music equipment across Boston to get to a party. We traveled through the Roxbury section of Boston, which was largely a black community, when our car died. We got out of the car to try to push it to a gas station, but it was too heavy, being so loaded with amps and guitars. That’s when a group of young black men started to walk to us. We all thought the worst was about to happen to us. This group of young men proceeded to help us push the car up the hill to the gas station. I had never felt so embarrassed about my prejudice that day, and was never so disappointed in allowing myself to be swayed to feeling that way. That one, solitary event really changed my outlook, and not just for African Americans, but for all people, forever.

    So, when I read a story like this one, I’m filled with disgust and anger because we’re all the same. Just regular people trying to get by.


    1. Why cant we all just treat each other with kindness and respect? Stop thinking the worst of people and thinking certain races are beneath you or just all bad. We live in such a sad world, Rob 🥺🥺 I’m often saddened, angry, hurt, and puzzled. It’s like it’s a crime being African American. Thank you so much for reading, commenting, and sharing 💕💕


  4. This is so sad and I hope they are held responsible for their actions. This situation shine a spotlight on a corrupt city here in GA. Hopefully this changes the things that have been going on for there fir numerous years.


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