Rest in Peace Little Richard 🥺

About a month ago I watched Little Richard. The movie about his life starring Leon. I don’t know if I just wanted to watch movies with Leon in it or if I wanted to hear the music. It may have been both. The movie is absolutely wonderful. I remember watching it years ago when it first came out. Little Richard had quite the life and his voice was amazing.

Little Richard in his younger years

After watching the movie, it made me become a fan of his. Just like when I watched The Temptations movie. I had always been a fan but after seeing that movie, I loved them even more.

He was quite the character and he always seemed so happy! Oh and his music, his music just makes you want to dance! I’m not sure which song I love the most but Tutti Frutti might be my favorite 💕.

Little Richard you will be missed. Your music will live on forever. Thank you for sharing your greatness with us!

“Rest in Peace Little Richard!”
Life with Lane

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