I hope it wasn’t all for nothing!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely. Thank you for stopping by my blog, come on in………..

Life with Lane http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

I won’t keep you long my friends. I just want to say that as some of us slowly go back into normal life. Well as normal as it can be, remember to follow the guidelines. Let’s not make all the progress we’ve done be for nothing.

Only go places that you absolutely have to go. If you have a face mask, wear it. If lockdown has been lifted don’t rush to hang out with a group of family and friends. If lockdown hasn’t been lifted don’t go out and protest your governors. They’re only trying to do what’s best for you; what’s best for all of us.

Continue to practice social distancing. Wash your hands as much as possible. Disinfect and lysol all surfaces. Most importantly take care of yourself and don’t forget about your neighbor. Let’s not make all the progress we’ve done be for nothing. We don’t want to have to go back into quarantine for another 6-8 weeks. Stay safe everyone.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

Life with Lane http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

7 thoughts on “I hope it wasn’t all for nothing!

  1. It will be all for nothing as people are being urged to go back to work by stockholders whom sit in their homes of safety.


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