Reasons I smiled this week, 35th Edition!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Saturday! I hope your week was filled with love, happiness, lots of social distancing, sanitizer, hand washing, reading, peace, and learning a new skill or two. Welcome to reasons I smiled this week, 35th edition! Well, come on in.

Before I start I just want to say that being under quarantine is hard for everyone. It’s a very stressful time. Governors and state officials are doing what they think is best for the good of the people. So, if social distancing and lockdown has been extended in your state, just be patient. You are not alone in being frustrated, stressed out, feeling anxiety, and maybe even having a few panic attacks. The goal here is to save human life! We are all in this together. #onelove

He is Risen

Easter was Sunday and although it was different this year, it was still wonderful! It’s always amazing to me on Easter Sunday how its always chilly in the morning. It’s like you can feel Jesus in the air. Its quite wonderful really? Does anyone else feel that? Do you notice how it’s always chilly on Easter morning? I noticed that years ago.

That beautiful human, my best friend Cassy, celebrated her 32nd birthday. Although I didn’t get to spend it with her because of social distancing, she knew I wanted to be there with her. I will get to see her and my Goddaughter very soon and I can’t wait. There will be a huge celebration when this is all over.

I got really beautiful roses 😍😍. Did I mention I love flowers? I know they die after like a week or two but I still love getting them. They’re just so beautiful. These were very colorful and they smelled great. I felt really special. I guess it was good I put on makeup that day, lol!


I had so much delicious food this week. I’m pretty sure I gained about 2 pounds, lol! I mean we all know I love food and this week was no exception. I think I had everything except for crab legs. Those are on my list though. I have been walking my pup extra long and lifting weights since I’m not moving around as much as normal. I got this.

Hotel Transylvania 3

Words cannot describe how much I love this movie! Hotel Transylvania 3 is such an amazing movie. I literally watch it everyday. It makes me so so happy. I highly suggest watching this movie. It will make your heart smile. I love Gremlin Air. I’m pretty sure it was modeled after Spirit Airlines, lol!

My Onyx

Last but not least, this guy, my Onyx. My little furry best friend of 15 years. He’s the light of my life! He makes me smile morning and everyday. He’s the best money I’ve ever spent. We had a great week together.

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