I’m such an 80’s Baby!!!!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Thursday! I hope your week is lovely and you’re practicing social distancing. If not, well start doing it now so we can get past this awful pandemic. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Well, come on in……..

Yeah, that’s me and my ride or die, my little sister Danielle! She’s always by my side. That year we went as Michael Jackson and the hot girl from his video, “The Way You Make Me Feel!” Such a fun night. That happens to be one of my favorite songs. Most of my favorite songs are from the 80’s. Afterall, I am an 80’s baby.

Fun fact, the song was released on my birthday, November 9th, 1987. I was 7 years old. I didn’t know that until right now, Haha!

The way you make me feel!

When I get ready for work, cleaning the house, or I’m going out, I have to listen to music. Music is good for the soul! I always listen to 80’s music. My go-to songs are believe it or not, anything by Hall and Oates. My favorite song is Out of Touch.

My sister and I will be going to their concert in September. I cant wait, hopefully it won’t be postponed or canceled because of covid-19. Why didn’t I just say, coronavirus?? πŸ€”πŸ€”

Why can’t they bring back jelly shoes and leg warmers? I suppose I could just wear them anyway. I’m already weird so, why not? Usually that stuff comes back in style anyway, so it’s only a matter of time! In the meantime I’ll just watch Footloose and listen to the soundtrack.

I’m not sure which song is my favorite but today I’ll go with I’m free by Kenny Loggins. I’m hoping in the new Top Gun movie they have him do a song, that would be so awesome!

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