Superwoman of the week, part three!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Tuesday! Thank you for spending part of your morning with me or evening depending on where you live in this great big world! Welcome to Life with Lane; my life through words, pictures, and food! Come on in………..

“Superwoman of the week, part 3!”

As you know, March is Women’s History Month, so each week during this month, I’ve been highlighting a great woman. This week is none other than you guessed, another one of my sister’s, lol! It’s my amazingly hilarious, animated, beautiful sister Tasha! ” Her smile shines so bright, it even lightens the darkest soul!” Arnetta L. Lane

My sister Tasha 😍

“I saw this outfit I wanted, it would look great in my closet, can you buy it for me?” That’s the line I said often to my sister Tasha and she never told me no! I’m almost 40 and she still never tells me no. I rarely ask for anything but still.

My sister is one of the smartest people I know. Why she isn’t a millionaire I have no idea. She’s also one of the happiest and she’s always in a good mood. We’re almost the same person, it’s kind of creepy, lol! However, she’s not as girly and she’s super tough. That probably came from her military days. No, she’s always been tough. In a fight, I’d always bet on her, no matter who her opponent is!

When I look at my niece and nephew, I see love and happiness! That is a reflection of how amazing my sister is at being a Mom! They’re always happy and full of love. She spends so much time with time from reading to them to listening to them read. Playing basketball or baseball with my nephew. Watching my niece paint. They go to church together. She’s one of those hands on Mom’s. She always knows what’s going on.

She’s invested in their in lives, its such a lovely thing to see. Somehow at the same time, she hasn’t forgotten about herself and what she likes to do as a person. She likes outdoors. She has her plants and her flowers. She reads when she has time. She makes her candles and soaps. She’s always coming up with a new business idea.

My sister is the reason I know the importance of saving money and being responsible with bills. How even if I have little money after paying them is okay as long having the lights on and having food on the table.

My sister Tasha and my nephew Dallas 2011

My sister Tasha is definitely a superwoman! My Mother did a really fantastic job at raising us. So, it’s only right I give props to my Grandmother Bernice in heaven, that I never had the pleasure of meeting, for raising my Mother! Thank you Grandma.

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Superwoman of the week, part 3!
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