Be Specific in your Prayers!

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“Be specific in your prayers!”
Life with Lane

My Mother has always told me to be specific in my prayers. She said when I pray to God I need to say exactly what I want down to the T. I don’t think that actually sank in until I was older.

I used to pray for a job, a man, a car. I never really said what kind of man I wanted. I was never specific about the car or job. Therefore, any man or job could have come my way and been mine. I was getting what I prayed for, wasn’t I?

So, now when I pray I’m very specific when I ask God for something. I don’t just want any job or any man. That’s not good enough, lol!

We have to tell God exactly what we want. I’m sure he already knows but we still have to be specific. We also have to realize when we pray for something and we don’t get it, it doesn’t mean God didn’t answer. It simply means it wasn’t supposed to be and something better is coming or meant to be.

Thanks for reading my blog. Are you specific in your prayers? What are your thoughts when it comes to prayer? Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind.

Life with Lane

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