Superwoman of the week!

Good morning beautiful humans, happy Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Well, come on in……..

“Superwoman of the week!”
Life with Lane

As you all know March is women’s history month. So, each week on Wednesday, I will be highlighting a superwoman. Since I am behind a few weeks; I will be doing this until the middle of April.

Obviously my Mother is the first superwoman of my life ❤. So, its only natural I would highlight her first. You may think to yourself, well how did she contribute to history and so forth? So contributed to my siblings and I. She taught us what family, togetherness, love, and hard work mean.

She taught us the value of putting God first, being specific in your prayers, immediate family over everything, and you do things that you may not exactly want to do to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

So, today I stand before you as fabulous as I am because of my Mother! I watched as she took care of my 4 siblings and I like a boss. She worked 2 jobs, never complained about anything. Didn’t ask my Father for much of anything. She was like Nike, she just did it! Just like a true Superwoman would.

My Superwoman

In addition to instilling all of the values into me, she passed on the wonderful genes of beauty, lol! I mean have you seen the cheekbone and lips she gave my siblings and I? Thank you Momma 😍. I also happen to be pretty intelligent to, I’m so humble, lol! In the words of the rapper Juvenile, “I get it from my Momma!”

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