Happy MLK Day!!

Good morning beautiful humans, Happy Martin Luther King day!

When I go back and listen to this man speak, it’s like the greatest thing EVER! When he spoke, you listened! He moved your soul and made you want to be a better person. All he wanted was peace and equality. Oh, and for African Americans to be treated like human beings!

I don’t think people understood how hard it was being black in America. Being denied basic rights just because of your color. Having to sit in the back of the bus or stand if someone white wanted your seat. Not able to eat or use the bathroom at regualr restaurants. Having to stage sit-ins. Not being able to vote. Separate bathrooms and water fountains. Never getting a fair trial. Being beaten by police and hosed down like dogs with a water hose. Not getting a job even though your qualified. Having a cross burned on your front lawn. Seeing family and friends being hung from trees. Mostly all of this was legal. That’s not even half of it. This was America. It hurts my heart still.

Sadly, it’s still hard being black in America today. People often say we need to get over things of the past but when you look around and see how African American/black people are still treated, its very hard. Look at how Megan Markle is being treated. It’s all because she’s black. Good thing is because of Dr. King it’s alot better but we still have so much further to go. So much further.

He had a dream, what’s yours?


6 thoughts on “Happy MLK Day!!

  1. I may not have experienced hardship to the degree that black people have, but I have experienced hardship because I came from Mexico. I remember getting kicked out of a park by a mob of people when I took my cousins there to play. So I can empathize with you.
    I’m deciding that it’s not going to stop me from being who God wills me to be.
    Just remember, there have been black people who did many great things in-spite of what they went through.
    You can achieve great things too! You are a precious child of God. And you are valued!


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  2. Happy MLK day! Thank you for celebrating this important day with a post! His message and mission is more accurate than ever and should be a call for action for all of us. So here’s to this amazing man:” I decided to stick with love, hate is too great a burden to bear.” All the love to all of you, spread love no hate

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