How to Set & Accomplish Goals!

Hi there friends, Happy New Year! Its 2020, can you believe it? 2019 is gone…..

“How to set & accomplish goals!”
Life with Lane

Since it’s the new year, I know most of us will be making resolutions or trying to change our lifestyle. So, I thought I would start the year off with some tips on how to set and accomplish goals.

I think when we have a plan, it helps to achieve the goal more efficiently. It’s very important to have goals in life. What are some of yours?

I hope this helps you guys. Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind. Please feel free to email me for sponsorships or collaborations. Serious inquiries only Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14 Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind!


13 thoughts on “How to Set & Accomplish Goals!

  1. Thank you for sharing those tips! Historically, I’ve been guilty of writing resolutions without planning resulting in no resolutions. Having a solid plan that holds you accountable is helpful and makes it less stressful because you’re organized! Now I’m focused on breaking it down to bite-sized goals.


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