Serene Artistry

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On Monday I mentioned I would be highlighting my friends that have their own business. I made this week entrepreneur week! Well, it starts today. I am highlighting my friend Savelle Beane. She has just launched her line of eyelashes called Serene Artistry!

Serene Artistry
by Niya Savelle Beane

When I first met this lovely woman, she had the best eyelashes. Not only the best eyelashes but the best eye makeup. I’ve never seen someone with such amazing lashes and perfect eye shadow. I guess she’s received so many compliments she decided to turn it into a business. She now has her own line of eyelashes.

Serene Artistry
By Savelle Beane

There are 3 different styles to choose from. They are all fabulous by the way. I can say you’ll be very happy with the product. I mean look how good they look on her.

She’s still working on her website but she can be contacted on her social media platforms for order information. You can also email her at and follow the IG PAGE @serene__artistry Lashes are perfect Christmas gifts for girls and women that love makeup and eye wear. @serene_artistry on Facebook.

Thanks for reading my blog supporting my friend. Look her up! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14 Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind!

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