Shout Out to Single Moms!

Hello beautiful humans, happy Tuesday! Good morning and thank you for stopping by my blog, come on in!

Shout Out to Single Moms!

Today my post is showing appreciation to single mothers! I just want say that you’re appreciated and we see you. I know holidays can be tough doing it all by yourself but you still get that shit done! How do I know? I watched my Mother do it for years.

I never once heard my Mother complain. I’m sure she wanted to complain, give up, scream, or all three. She never did. So, to all the single Mother’s out there, I salute you. Life is hard, its especially hard raising children alone in this crazy world.

Working full time, sometimes working more than one job. Picking up and dropping the kids off at daycare. Taking them to basketball practice or dance rehearsal. Cooking dinner and helping with homework. Paying all the bills. Being sick but never able to take a day off from being a Mom! You do everything and for that you have all of my respect! It doesn’t go unnoticed.

My prayers for all single Mother’s is that you’re always blessed, may you have patience, and your kids are healthy and happy. Oh, and you get a spa day for Christmas ❀.

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17 thoughts on “Shout Out to Single Moms!

    1. You’re very welcome, Rob! I don’t think single moms get enough credit. I dont think women get enough credit in general but theres something special about single moms! Thanks for reading and commenting. Have a wonderful day my friend. I hope you’re feeling better ❀

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