Jumping into the Holiday Season

Hi there friends, Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Welcome to Life with Lane, come on in!

“Jumping into the Holiday Season!”
Life with Lane

In case you’re wondering, yes that is me in the picture above and I really did jump that high, lol! I might be getting old but apparently I can still run and jump. That’s how I jump into the holiday season. As a person that doesn’t like to shop, I like shopping for family and friends during this time.

Happy Holidays

I love this time of year because mostly everyone is in a great mood and so nice. People are just so happy and polite. You walk into stores and the decorations are beautiful. The great smelling candles are for sale; like pine and winter forest. I made that last scent up but you know what I mean!

My friends have Christmas parties and we do gift exchange. We make all these holiday drinks we find on Pinterest. Lifetime and Hallmark have the sappy movie marathons. I grab my old man, my blanket, and hot cocoa and binge watch all of them.

My friend Nicole invites my sister Danielle and I over every year on Christmas for their annual dinner. It’s so much fun and they have so much food. We have the best time celebrating with her and her family.

Obviously that is an old picture but it was just so cute. They actually sat there and let me take pictures of them. Onyx is clearly not happy about it, lol! I was just so impressed that they sat there. I gave them so many treats afterwards. I love the holiday season. Although my sweet Dusty is gone, he’ll always be in my heart.

Thanks for reading my blog! Are you excited about the holidays? How do you do your holiday shopping? Have a wonderful blessed day and always be kind! Follow me on Instagram http://www.instagram.comlifewithlane14

Life with Lane

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